There are 4 main lift types for dump trailers and each has its benefits.

Single Push.

  • Also called a Single Ram or Single Cylinder.
  • Most affordable.
  • These are great for lighter loads.

Dual Push.

  • Also called a Dual Ram or Dual Cylinder.
  • Two smaller cylinders work in tandem to lift the box.
  • Since the cylinders are placed wide on the box, the unload is very stable and the forces on the connections are shared.
  • This system requires both cylinders to work in sync.

Scissor Lift

  • A scissor lift spreads the lift points, so the box is typically more stable during the unload compared to a Single Push.
  • If you are moving heavy and variable cargo, choose a scissor lift.  If you are moving light and consistently weighted cargo: choose a single push cylinder lift, save the extra cash, and take your spouse to dinner.
  • This is a good video that compares a Scissor Lift to a Single Cylinder

Telescopic Lift.

  • Also called a Telescopic Cylinder.
  • There are three main advantages to a Telescopic Lift:  1) Impressively high lifting power.  2) The box cross members are consistent along the entire box (compared to the room that a scissor hoist requires.  3)  All of the pushing power is in front – so there is no negative leverage (weight that is in front of a scissor hoist).
  • There are two drawbacks to a Telescopic Lift:  1) The telescope is usually exposed above the box and more susceptible to damage by a bucket.  2)  The hydraulics will usually reduce the toolbox size.