Whether you’re a contractor hauling tools and equipment or a mobile business bringing your shop on the road, an enclosed cargo trailer provides unbeatable protection and versatility. But with so many sizes, styles and brands available, how do you go about selecting the perfect trailer for your Pacific Northwest business (or personal use)?

In this guide, we’ll cover all the key considerations for choosing an enclosed cargo trailer built tough for Oregon and Washington’s rugged environments. From capacities and towing needs to premium features and materials, you’ll learn how to invest in the ideal trailer for your business’s hauling requirements.

Dialing In the Right Size

Cargo trailer sizing is all about balancing your hauling needs with what you can safely and legally tow. Too small and you’ll be making multiple trips or leaving gear behind. Too large and you’ll struggle with parking, tight spaces and exceeding your tow vehicle’s limits.

For most contractors and mobile businesses, these are the most popular enclosed trailer sizes:

  • 6×10 or 6×12 ft – Perfect for hauling smaller equipment, supplies and tools while still being easy to maneuver and store.
  • 7×16 ft – Allows transporting larger machines, multiple work stations and more inventory in one go. However, requires a heavy-duty tow vehicle.
  • 5×20 ft or larger – Maximum cargo capacity but very limited drivability. Best suited for moving operations versus daily driving.
  • 5’ wide trailers allow extra width for equipment or toys but can be easier to tow than wider models.

In addition to length, you’ll also need to factor in height requirements based on the types of cargo you typically haul. Many enclosed trailers range from 6-8.5 ft interior heights.

Towing Capacity: Not All Trucks Are Equal

Speaking of towing, nothing is more crucial than ensuring your truck can safely haul your loaded trailer’s full weight. Always verify your vehicle’s manufactured towing limits for both trailer weight and tongue/hitch weight ratings.

When loaded down with tools, supplies and equipment, even a “small” 6×12 enclosed trailer can easily weigh over 7,000 lbs. That’s too much for most standard pickup trucks to handle, even before adding cargo weight. You’ll likely need a heavy-duty towing setup like a 3/4 or 1-ton truck.

Don’t forget to also factor in appropriate trailer hitches designed for your setup and load. Bumper pull, gooseneck and 5th wheel hitches are all common options depending on the trailer size and truck.

Durability Matters in the Northwest

With Oregon and Washington’s wet, muddy climates, you need an enclosed trailer that can shrug off the harsh elements year-round. That’s why it pays to invest in premium brands like Carry-On, Southland and Criterion.

Look for thick-walled aluminum or wood-framed steel construction to prevent damage from jobsite abuse. Durable aluminum tread plate ramps, LED lighting and weatherproof sealants are other must-have features built to endure rough conditions.

While these high-quality trailers cost more upfront, their resilient materials and components result in far lower repair and replacement costs over time. Not to mention they’ll better protect your valuable cargo loads.

Customized for Your Northwest Hauling Needs

Beyond the basics, Carry-On, Southland,  and TradCo Criterion offer specialized options tailored for contractors, mobile businesses and other professionals working in the Pacific Northwest:

  • Finished interiors with shelving/cabinets for tools and inventory
  • Dual entry doors for easy access from either side
  • Customizable security packages including locks and alarm systems
  • Premium climate control solutions to protect sensitive equipment
  • Custom paint colors, graphics and exterior accessories to showcase your brand

By prioritizing size, towing capabilities, rugged construction and advanced features, you can create the ultimate enclosed cargo trailer as hardworking as you are.

A Northwest Workhorse: Carry-On 7 x 16 7K Cargo Trailer

Need an example of a premium enclosed trailer built for Oregon/Washington? Take the 2023 Carry-On 7 x 16 7K Cargo Trailer enclosed cargo trailer model with features like:

  • All-aluminum construction with aluminum tread plate ramps
  • 7,000 pound GVWR with 4,510 pound payload capacity
  • 2″x6″ Tube Frame and 3/4″ Plywood floor
  • 36″ wide side door with extension flap on ramp for smooth transition
  • 3-Year Warranty

This Carry-On delivers huge cargo capacity yet is still towable by most heavy-duty pickups when properly equipped. Customize it with Trailer Station’s selection of accessories and extras to build your trailer for ultimate productivity.

Whether hauling contractor materials to the worksite or bringing your mobile business on the road, an enclosed trailer from Carry-On, Southland and Criterion is an investment that pays dividends. Let Trailer Station outfit you with the perfect trailer package for your Pacific Northwest hauling needs. Contact us or visit one of our showrooms and we’ll ensure your new trailer is built to thrive in the Northwest for years to come.  For additional insights, please read our trailer FAQs.